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2011-06-29 13:08:51 by aman109

hi its me again i now have a website for a youtube user called killjoy6624 4?email=share_youtube_userhttp://www.w!other-stuff


2011-06-22 13:43:37 by aman109

well there's nothing to do and must of my time on the computer is spent on my youtube my youtube but if any one has any ideas pm me. if you have a youtube please subscribe to me on youtube ill try and get some art done but just art no games movies ext. maybe a song but i have nothing for now but i do have something from one of my videos its not much just the being of a series on my youtube if anyone knows a good art software please pm i wouldn't even count this as art but hey its better than nothing



2011-06-06 10:50:29 by aman109

i was on newgrounds going to the store when i had a window pop up and say its not safe WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT ABOUT and tom if your reading this you need to fix this or who ever is in charge right now



2011-05-28 22:53:40 by aman109

not much new im trying to make a song for the audio portal based off a story me and a friend made in class one day... and thats about it


2011-04-23 17:13:07 by aman109

people rate my arts please if you do ill put more effort in to them



2010-12-21 21:03:05 by aman109

i made my first submit to newgrounds i know theres not going to be any one who reads this but who cares


2010-06-17 14:38:51 by aman109

sorry no evil cactus my friend moved to austin and we can't do it because i can't draw or use flash but there might be drawings but in pencil so no evil cactus movie but drawings maybeno pictures still.

evil cactus

2010-03-07 10:36:03 by aman109

sooner or later me and one of my friends will make a series called evil cactus sorry no picture yet.